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Cloaked In Joy: Your Guide to Release Hurt and Claim Joy

It is difficult to live a life of joy and success when we are weighed down beneath a dark blanket made of fear, hurt, regret, guilt and shame. During this deep inner journey you release these hurtful emotions and reclaim your lightness, your splendor. You return feeling empowered, surrounded in peace and light, and because of this you just automatically attract more positive experiences, making your life, work so much better.

Journey to Healing and Transformation A Guided Imagery: Connecting You to the Power of Self-Healing.

Do you feel over-stretched, overwhelmed and exhausted by the demands of life? Do you have physical, mental, emotional or spiritual concerns making you feel disconnected from everyone and everything, perhaps even from life itself? Do you long for balance, peace and healing? Welcome on this journey of transformation. As you listen connect to the Light from above, draw it through you, fill every cell of your being, and guide it from you. A continual flow of this life-giving energy brings gentle peace and healing to every aspect of your being.


Guided Journey to an Inner Campfire for Relationship Healing


You are about to go on a journey to an inner campfire. You will be joined at the campfire by a person or persons with whom you have unfinished business. These people may be living or may have already crossed over. During this meditation you are guided to “say everything you need to say and to listen carefully to everything you need to hear.” When your conversations are completed, you are guided to send back to where they belong, each one who came to be with you. When you return from this guided journey you will feel more at peace with yourself and with each of these relationships then you have felt in a very long time. Following this relationship healing at the spiritual level, you will notice a positive change in your feelings about each of these people and in your behavior toward them and in their behaviors toward you.


Releasing Ties: Your Guide for Cutting Energy Cords and Attachments

Challenging and enmeshed relationships create energetic attachments, called psychic cords. These cords keep us tied to the energies of others and through these cords our own precious energies are drained. During this guided journey you cut all psychic cords between you and others. This empowering action frees you to be in charge of your own life, using your energies to create the life you are meant to live.


Shielded With Light: A Guide for Cleansing and Sealing Your Aura

A difficult life event can fracture your aura, your sacred boundaries, leaving you open to contamination from all types of difficult or even harmful energies. During this CD you cleanse your aura of these energies, seal it firmly, and then surround yourself with a strong, radiant shield of light. This empowering technique leaves you feeling more protected and at peace with yourself than you have felt in a very long time.


At Your Inner Bench: A Guide to Relationship Healing

During this Guided Visualization you delve deep into your subconscious, there to find yourself at an inner bench. Someone you have unresolved issues with joins you at this bench. This person may be living or may have already crossed over to the other side. When this person arrives, you say everything you need to say, and listen carefully to what you need to hear. You return from this soulful encounter feeling more at peace with this relationship than you have felt in a very long time.


Retrieving Lost Soul Parts

Many of us have moved through difficult life experiences which have left us feeling empty and incomplete. Spiritual masters from numerous cultures teach that during such times a part or parts of the real self, the soul self can flee, taking along accompanying soul characteristics such as joy, peace, laughter and creativity.

On this CD I guide you on a deep inner experience to heal, update, and reintegrate the parts of your soul/self that have fractured off during a time or ties of trauma. When the soul parts reintegrate they bring back with them the soul characteristics that left you when the soul parts left. When you return from this soul healing experience, you will feel more healed and whole, and more at peace with yourself than you have felt in a very long time.

Guided Visualization to Heal Ancestral Trauma

Historical trauma is an energetic form of the unresolved grief and trauma from one generation that continues to invade the land, the culture, and the psyche and genetics of future generations. During this guided visualization you clear the land of the energetic fibres of terror that continue to permeate that place and space. In so doing, you create an environment that also allows any ancestral soul fragments to be released from the traumatic energies that hold them, thus freeing them to reconnect with the larger souls from which they fractured.



A Glimpse at Your Future

Many find that living more in line with who they are as a spiritual being requires identifying and fulfilling their soul’s true purpose. This can be difficult when there is a nagging sense that being on purpose may require a shift in personal or professional identities. Doubting the positive results of the considered choices, keeps some from making the changes that would support their soul expansion.

During this Guided Visualization you view scenes of your immediate and more distant futures and experience the results of the decisions being pondered. You complete this visualization more aware of your soul’s purpose and of the direction required to fulfil that purpose.


Cutting Cords With Addictions

All addictions have within them a powerful energy that holds the addicted person in a position of powerlessness.  Powerlessness results from an inability to change past events that negatively impact you.  This is especially true, regarding the things that on numerous previous occasions you have attempted to change.  During this Guided Visualization you cut the energy cords that attach you to the addiction. Regardless of your addiction or its source, you will complete this visualization feeling more empowered and more able to release yourself from the addictive energy that holds you hostage.


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