Taking Flight Books
Taking Flight Books

I found this reading so powerful. I felt so many emotions, I grew from reading it, and I was truly in awe. Thank you for sharing this.

As you read through this chapter you recognize she went through all three phases of the spiritual journey through grief. In the beginning you can feel the brokenness and the questioning. You can feel her trying to make sense of it all. Why was her son physically taken from her? She grieved his and her future. She has a loss of identity and a loss of normalcy. Her entire sense of self had been destroyed.

From this brought on her spiritual depression. She no longer knew what she stood for. She was questioning her religious beliefs. You feel the pain as she questioned "Is there a heaven? Where is heaven? " "What is heaven like?" "What is he doing there?" You could feel the anger and depression she was experiencing .

You can sense her spiritual awakening and growth as the chapter continues. As she discovered A Guide to Walking Meditation you feel hope for her grief journey. She was grateful for visual images. She became aware of how walking improved her self-esteem and decreased her depressive feelings. She was walking her way to healing. When she spoke of the ocean's shore I cried as you can feel her experience letting the waves pull all that was hurting from her. You felt the sense of release as she watched the tides drift outward carrying her fears and hurt, anger and regrets. You can see she wants to heal. She wants to find different therapeutic tools. Her Spirituality is growing. She sees herself as a much larger peace in this universe.

Her experience with colours really helped her on her spiritual journey. They were part of her spiritual awakening. She finds peace in listening and learning about near death experiences and I can' t image that sense of relief knowing the peacefulness of how people feel when leaving their physical bodies. She has figured out her purpose. She has healed herself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and is now able to help others.

   ©Brittany Wawrychuk