Taking Flight Books
Taking Flight Books

An Exploration by Catherine Dauphinee of the Author’s Concluding Statement

“My destiny was determined by my ability to change my thoughts. My ability to move my life forward, to pass the tests I had set for myself, was in my power. The results would depend on the choices I made.”

The author draws conclusions from her experience. She writes about reality being shaped by the thoughts (beliefs and attitudes) we hold and how these become manifest in the way we live and relate to God, self, and others. In essence, our thoughts and behavior are the threads that weave together our experience of reality and dictate our destiny. The author shares how her devastating loss, and her spiritual search changed her thinking, what she once accepted as reality. She describes persevering, facing her pain and fears, trusting her inner voice and wisdom in her search for the sacred, for truth and meaning. The author’s journey tells, about the power we each possess in realizing our potential and destiny as co-creators with God.

The author writes about the reality of the kingdom within herself (and within each one of us) as first needing to be known and understood, faced, and embraced before she could realize her great gifts and calling in the world—the merging of the kingdom within us and “outside of us.” The author writes about dying to ego as the beginning of spiritual birth, to understand ego as covering a lack of self-love, trust, and courage.

The author talked about realizing her ability to move forward in her life, that this was within her power, based on the choices she made. Her journey teaches me that when we seek the sacred in all things, we can discover our gifts and harvest from all our experiences. The author writes that only then are we ready to begin the journey outward and grow in wisdom on our unique paths.